Symphonic Dawn
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Meander and let it lead to places you’ve never been before.
The Tennis channel is a complicated landscape. ATP. WTA. ITF. NCAA. Davis Cup. Tiers of ATP and WTA tournaments. Tournaments leading into slams. Standalone tournaments that don’t lead into slams. Competing for your nation. Competing for your university. Competing for yourself. It’s a difficult landscape for tennis fans of all kinds to make sense of.

The goal of the Tennis Channel Tentpole branding assignment is to simplify and codify this complex landscape, and intern, ultimately drive revenue and viewership. These interviews are the first step in understanding where stakeholders believe opportunities - and challenges - lie in establishing tentpoles for both B2B and B2C audiences.

Amidst this complex and heavy lifestyle, we all seek a moment; moment away from the society, technology or just a moment of peace. Meander was created to reinforce the idea to step back and blink and come out of the social delusions that we’re attached to. It is a derivation of my personal experience and the profound feeling I was left with. It is a social experiment where mirrors with type were used as carriers to drive my audience to small snippets in nature.


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