Experiential Design

Meander and let it lead to places you’ve never been before.
Taking the idea from making something meaningful out of mundane, the project was inspired from a short hike I took back in India. It was the sense of perseverance and determination that drove me to complete that stretch. I was left with a profound feeling and wanted to channel the exact same feeling through this project. It concept began with the idea of being in a place full of nature yet not acknowledging what one is surrounded with. One of the core elements used in this project was a mirror as a tool to create a distraction and at the same time reflect an element from the surrounding which people tend to miss out. Multiple mirrors were setup in a location extremely famous in Savannah. The mirrors also carried a small typographic message persuading them to behave in a certain way. The last stage of the process had some pre–stamped postcards that they could send to their loved ones.

Amidst this complex and heavy lifestyle, we all seek a moment; moment away from the society, technology or just a moment of peace. Meander was created to reinforce the idea to step back and blink and come out of the social delusions that we’re attached to. It is a derivation of my personal experience and the profound feeling I was left with. It is a social experiment where mirrors with type were used as carriers to drive my audience to small snippets in nature.

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