The Symphonic Dawn

    It wasn’t that long ago when classical music was fun. People went to concerts for a variety of reasons: to be moved emotionally, to be entertained, and as a social event, to name a few. Performances were a chance for artists and audiences to connect on a level unattainable in other media, as a form of mutual communication. The Symphonic Dawn is an attempt to revive the good old classical music in today’s loud echoes.


    — Typography 
    — Newspaper Design
    — Packaging





    With this project, my aim was to emphasize on the revival of the classical music and having more and more millennials appreciate music such as Beethoven’s.






    I was really interested in the idea of old and new and how music has always been a constant bridging element. Having said that, I decided to take something as old and simple as records but the visual language to be absolutely modern and type-centric. The newspaper, on the other hand,  explores typography in an experimental way.