On October 7th, 2016, Savannah witnessed one of the deadliest natural disasters of its time – Hurricane Matthew. Residue is a project based on the reflections and aftermath of what Hurricane Matthew did to the city. The project highlights the destruction caused that night as an attempt to evoke some empathy. Picking up cues from that night, this interactive book proceeds to narrate a story in it’s own unique way.




To explore ideation processes and to make newer connections in order to generate our own methodologies. For this project, my objective was to spark awareness and foster an emotional value post a disastrous event like Hurricane Matthew.





As an attempt to learn newer ideation processes and create our own methodology, I started from three completely unrelated words, branching it out till I hit hundred words. From those hundred words, I picked up three words, which I found the most intriguing – Accident being one of them. On further development, I associated Accident with two more keywords – Before and after, and the idea of unexpected outcomes. Having to evacuate Savannah whilst the hurricane was approaching made me extremely curious as to what was actually happening in the city. I remember being in the Coke Factory having a great time completely unaware and unaffected. It was only until I returned back, that it hit me how bad the event was. Since, majority of the town had evacuated leaving hardly anyone in the city. This served as a great opportunity to make people realize how catastrophic the event was and how the citizens lacked pathos. Strategically, an interactive tool/kit was developed, which could work as a carrier for information at the same time the process compelling enough to keep my user’s attention intact.







A book was created titled ‘Residue’: All that was left. It works as an interactive kit, which could be sent to anyone who didn’t see the wrath of Hurricane Matthew as an attempt to evoke some empathy. The book comes inside an envelope with a red spray bottle. At first, the book appears to be absolutely blank and doesn’t read anything until the user sprays ink over the pages. Once sprayed, slowly, the pages absorb the ink and reveal the tragic stories that residents went through in the form of dialogs. Systematically, after the dialogs, the user can tear the page apart and reveal the appalling imagery. Not realizing that in the process, they are becoming Hurricane Matthew themselves creating destruction and disorder through the pages. On finishing the book, all the user is left is with, is residues. Residues of shock, residues of feelings and residues of memory. The city was efficient enough to pull itself back together and be back on track within two days after the Hurricane. To show the same process, the left over pieces of the book were transformed into a poster along with a heart-felt note to Hurricane Matthew. The posters were put all around the city again as a carrier of information for people to scan it and unfold the videos of what had happened that night.