Delta X SCAD

Collaboration with Delta Airlines to research and develop creative concepts for a branded event that will reveal the new Delta uniform collection, designed by Zac Posen, to over 30,000 employees during an in-person fitting experience in 16 select cities throughout the US and around the world.


Delta Ready For Takeoff – Watch video here




Our objective was to create a seamless branded journey creating anticipation, engagement and personalization at the event to inspire a sense of pride and community while wearing he uniform.






Delta is revamping the uniforms almost after a decade now. A thorough study was done based on just the uniforms Delta has had. Passport Plum has been a color that they’ve never had in their palette before. For this project, it was extremely important to show the marriage between the old and the new. The idea of elevation and embracing change was something we wanted to reinforce here with the branding. We also introduced the process of turning a paper plane motif in a heavy flying machine as a visual metaphor to transformation. The sheer joy that the paper plane motif brought in us as kids to flying these giant flying machine, as a proud delta employee is something we wanted to embrace. The project demanded a seamless branded fitting experience where we had the opportunity to design the entire user journey experience. From receiving the invite till receiving the final uniform; everything was well strategized. The team not only executed a transformative branding but also presented a spectacular space with custom build furniture and installation designed just for the event. The team was also able to pull an app specially designed keeping the Delta employers in mind where they can RSVP and order the new uniforms which go live on May 19th, 2018.





Delta Air Lines collaborated with Savannah College of Art and Design to conceptualize a historic in-person fitting event, showcasing Zac Posen’s designs to over 30,000 employees across 16 cities both domestically and internationally. The process of turning a paper airplane into a flying machine serves as a visual metaphor for elevation and transformation during this seamless branded journey. These concepts, enacted through the branding of the event, allow Delta to embrace change, demonstrate innovation, and emphasize a well-illuminated atmosphere that encourages employees to feel proud when transitioning to their new uniforms.