Aramgarh Orchards

Nestled among the lofty Himalayas, where the Beas incessantly sings her beautiful song, lies the magical estate of Aramgarh.

After the Britishers left the renowned Khullar family transformed the land into a thriving fruit orchard, primarily of apple. Now the estate boasts of many an exotic fruit like cherries, nectarines, mariposa, kiwi, apricots, peaches, and persimmon alongside our famed apples and pomegranates.

Manav and Bhanu Khullar are now keen to share this bounty of nature with all those who want to live the Orchard experience.


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The identity celebrates a fresh start on life, positive energy and a bright future. As a symbol of growth, it bears seeds that contain its very essence and in this way, the form becomes immortal.